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Staff & Board of Directors


Virginia Runion, Chairperson

Virginia Runion is a Shepherdstown resident and enjoys fundraising and we are fortunate to have her help.   Ginnie is a former small business owner and a retired ATF government employee.  Grandchildren and her four legged children occupy much of Ginnie’s time.  After attending Good Shepherd’s yearly Potters Bowl, Ginnie stepped forward to assist with the important task of fundraising for the non-profit. 

Virginia, known as ‘Ginny’, left, is pictured with her colleagues Jane Scott and K.C. Brewster.

Peggy Grantham, Secretary

Peggy Grantham is a long time homemaker and resident of Shepherdstown and serves as secretary.  Peggy volunteers with Good Shepherd each week by calling those clients that are the most frail, vulnerable and living alone.  Her weekly calls support and encourage those who benefit from this social interaction.  Ms. Peggy was chosen as the 2018 volunteer of the Year awarded through the National Volunteer Caregivers Network.

Jane Scott, Treasurer

I love being in the company of children, & interacting with them. I love making up silly stories & songs for little ones to learn and sing. I like to relate to little ones by coming down to their level and allow them to have their input into the making of a song or story and then acting it out in their own way. This helped me when I worked for ARC. Many of the clients I worked with were severely mentally challenged and required repetition to learn to feed and express themselves through music, many things that we take for granted. I love working within this community of amazing individuals and the talented and dedicated staff that support them.

When I came on board at GSIVC, I was impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm of the staff. Once I learned what services were provided for the handicapped and senior citizens, of Jefferson and Berkeley Counties, I knew that I would like to help with anything I could to support their important work. I feel privileged to be a part of the office support in any way that I can.

I was born if BayRidge NY and grew up in Huntington NY. I attended secretarial school and my first position was as a secretary at a legal firm. I married the love of my life and we had two children. As a family we lived in New England for 12 years and we moved to Oregon in 1991. In 1994 I took a position as an Administration Assistant and retired in 2003. In 2018, I moved to Shepherdstown to be near my family. I became a volunteer at GSIVC and subsequently became a member of the Board of Directors as Secretary.

My son, Kevin and my two grand daughters live in Maine. My daughter Karen & her husband Brett, and their four children live in Shepherdstown. I own a condo in Newport RI and spend a good part of the summer months there. I enjoy reading, music and being with my family and friends.

Jeff DeWitt, Member

Growing up in the Baltimore area, met my wife of 34 years 36 years ago.  Moved to Western Maryland and West Virginia area.  And have called it home ever since.   We just bought our retirement home in Hagerstown, Md.  

My wife Laura and I have two children Karen & Steven and five grandchildren.  Karen and Travis, have Isaac, Daniel, and Eleanor, and Steven and Paige-Elijah and Joanna. 

Retired UPS after 29 years of service.  Currently I am a Funeral Director for five years and licensed in West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.  

I love to travel, cook and work on homes.   I have a big heart for widows and widowers. 

I love helping people.  It started in Baltimore when I was 12.   I helped by cutting grass for Widows and Widowers and still do that today in Hagerstown. 

Shane Marrone, Member

I was born in Winchester, VA in 1993.

I have lived my entire life in Jefferson County, WV. Growing up I played many sports before falling in love with football and basketball. The positive mentorship I received from my coaches led me to be a coach at the basketball league I played in as a child.

I am a graduate of Washington High School 2011 and Shepherd University 2015. I have worked at United bank since 2013.

I wanted to do good for my community, but also make an impact on something close to my heart. My Grandmother moved in with us after suffering a stroke and being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The burden it took on my mother was a lot. Then my mother was in a car accident and the outreach from our family and community helped us get through tough times. I knew I wanted to be a part of an organization that helped the people in their community, leading me to join Good Shepherd Caregivers.

Neal Hughes, Member

I was born in Bloomsbury, NJ in 1950. I spent my first 19 years in that small rural town with my parents and three siblings. I graduated High School in 1968 and attended University of Pennsylvania until 1970.

I have been married to my high school sweetheart, Jan, for 50 years. We have two adult children and four grandchildren. My wife and I moved seven times in the first 4 years of our marriage and settled in Berea, WV in 1973. We have embraced the rustic and independent lifestyle ever since.

By default I took a job with a local land surveyor in 1974. After many unproductive stops and starts I had stumbled onto the career that I enjoyed for the next 35 years. I was licensed in WV in 1978 and in Ohio in 1980. I operated a private surveying business until 2013 when we moved to Berkeley County to be near our daughter and her family.

I now enjoy woodworking, gardening and trying to fix anything that needs attention. Most of the time that works out for the better.

I have enjoyed my association with Good Shepherd Caregivers firstly because of the casual and transparent relationships that I have with those in charge. Secondly, I wanted to volunteer and help less fortunate people in the community, but not be tangled in a bureaucratic organization. GSC has given me the access to those needing what I can provide without a tangled formality in between. The open desire to help others that I experience at GSC, just fits my independent personality well.

Kristopher Cline, Member

Kristopher Cline is a former employee of Good Shepherd Caregivers yet still volunteers working with the coordination of the Neighborhood Investment Program, technology, and building maintenance.

Kristopher’s background is in information systems and management. Kris is always glad to lend a helping hand and is a big supporter of Good Shepherd, the volunteers, and care receivers who he considers his friends.


K. David Spunich

Past Chairperson

Dave Spunich is the former chair of the GSiVC Board. Dave is a retired navy veteran and Air Traffic Controller. Dave has years of history behind him serving as the chairman of the Fund Development Committee.

Gary Tucker

Past Chairperson

Gary Tucker is a retired navy veteran, and tax expert. Gary is a national speaker on strategic planning and often leads the GSIVC board during the board retreat and annual planning priorities. Gary is a former chair.

Dan Rowzie

Volunteer Driver

Dan Rowzie is another retired navy veteran, government contractor and former chair. Dan resides in Charles Town and an active GSIVC volunteer driver.

Reverend Dr. G. T. Schram

Shepherdstown Ministerial Association & Founding Member

The Rev. Dr. George T. (G.T.) was born and raised in Wheeling, WV. He became the Rector of Trinity in August 1983 following almost 6 years as Associate Rector at Trinity Church, Parkersburg. He is a graduate of Wheeling Jesuit University and Virginia Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Susie, are the parents of two children and grandparents of two.

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Paula Marrone-Reese, CEO

Paula is the CEO of Good Shepherd Caregivers, coming on board in January 2010.  She enjoys problem solving and finding matches to request for services and is honored to represent the agency.  Paula is dedicated to the community believing in the richness that comes through all ages thriving and having their needs met.  Paula shares that,

Quality of life is improved through the types of relationship and interaction set in motion through the mission of Good Shepherd.

Care receivers receive not only a needed service but also know that others care about them; Volunteers make a difference while they help others, Donors provide the funds to bring forth action, and the Community benefits as a whole while our population is richer from having the wisdom and knowledge that comes as all generations live together.

Paula’s degrees are in Early Childhood Education, Organizational Leadership, Management and Development; her Masters Degree is in Management.

Paula lives with her family in Shepherdstown.  I’m sure by now you have met some of her family since she calls on them often to accomplish a variety of task.  She enjoys singing and playing the guitar, writing and spending time with her grandchildren, both human and fur babies.

KC Brewster
Finance & Transportation Manager

First thing you should know about KC Brewster is that her name is with a capital K and a capital C.  And that is her real name.  KC came to Good Shepherd seven years ago and started as the receptionist.  KC is a problem solver and will work hard to figure out anything that is placed in front of her.  That’s how she gained the title of Finance & Transportation Manager. Her curiosity is much like that of a cat, playful and focused.  And did I mention that she loves cats! She has figured out the accounting program used by Good Shepherd and now manages that aspect.  KC works with the volunteers and care receivers by matching services.  She has taken classes in Transportation Management from Boston University.  KC has a huge extended family that keeps growing and she is a big fan of all of them!